Why use Earthly Toothpaste?


Clean Teeth, Clean Earth

For as long as we can remember, brushing your teeth involved a tube of toothpaste, a lot of water and, mostly, just a big old mess. It’s one of those healthy habits we’ve just never questioned because nobody wants rotten teeth, bad breath or infections, right? But while we’re protecting our teeth by brushing the…


Toothbrushing: Can it be Unhygienic?

We all know the science of brushing our teeth – brush with a good toothpaste to get rid of the germs hiding behind our teeth, prevent cavities and click “undo” on bad breath. But what if we told you that traditional “tube toothpaste” could be creating a whole lot of problems you don’t even want…


The Messy Side of Clean Teeth

Let’s face it, most of us can’t remember how we learned to brush our teeth. It’s something we’ve just always done – without asking “why?” The truth is, the “way we’ve always done it” is messy and even a little yucky. Let’s take a moment to really think about it: WE USE TOO MUCH. Even…