Step 1


Place one (1) Earthly Toothpaste tablet between your teeth

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Step 2


Gently bite down on the tablet to release the good stuff.

Step 3


Brush with your toothbrush – twice a day, every day.

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Step 4


Complete the quick Survey and stand a chance to win a R1000 Checkers Gift Voucher.

All Round Protection
Cool Mint

You do a lot with your mouth. So, it needs a lot of protection – all round protection, if you will. Available in cool mint, Earthly All Round Protection cleans and protects your teeth from molar to molar, gum to tongue.


Herbal Protection
Rooibos • Fresh Mint

If you’ve grown up with herbal toothpaste, you’ll absolutely love Earthly Herbal Protection. It’s just like the one you’ve been using all your life, except this one doesn’t  harm the environment.


Kids All Round Protection

Earthly All Round Protection does exactly as the name suggests – it protects all around your mouth, teeth and gums. Plus, it comes in a tasty strawberry flavour – so good, brush time will become your favourite time of the day.


Charcoal Whitening
Cool Mint

Just like the crows’ feet developing in the corners of your eyes, your teeth can also show signs of ageing. So, think of Earthly Charcoal Whitening as an antiageing treatment for your teeth – say “bye-bye stains and yellow glow”!


Sensitivity Prevention
Fresh Mint

Sure, we can get an actor in a white lab coat to jump on the TV and tell you about sensitive teeth. Or you can just go ahead and try Earthly Sensitivity Prevention to feel a real difference.


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