The Messy Side of Clean Teeth

Let’s face it, most of us can’t remember how we learned to brush our teeth. It’s something we’ve just always done – without asking “why?” The truth is, the “way we’ve always done it” is messy and even a little yucky.

Let’s take a moment to really think about it:

  • WE USE TOO MUCH. Even though the packaging suggests using a pea-sized amount, TV ads have conditioned us to use a giant multi-coloured glob – half of which usually ends up stuck to the side of the sink or spread down the front of your T-shirt.
  • WE SPIT BECAUSE IT’S BAD TO SWALLOW. Yup, that toothpaste you’re putting in your mouth is full of bad stuff that will mess up your body if you swallow it. So, A) why are we still putting it in our mouths, and B) why are we putting it in our oceans?
  • OPEN TUBES = SO MANY GERMS. That little cap inevitably goes lost somewhere during the month. The tube gets clogged with old, dry toothpaste and the open tube just sits there, accumulating airborne germs. Ick.
  • IT LEADS TO MESSY RELATIONSHIPS. Many couples share toothpaste tubes… which leads to the age-old argument of whether to squeeze from the top, middle or the bottom. Yep, it can get messy quickly!
  • IT CAN BURST AT ANY MOMENT. If you’ve ever taken toothpaste on a plane or in your handbag (for those of us with braces or dentures), you may have experienced the inexplicable mess of a toothpaste tube explosion. It’s no joke.

So, now what? Your eyes have been opened to the truth, but what’s the alternative? Simple. Zero-waste, zero-mess toothpaste tablets – like the ones we make at Earthly!

  • IT’S THE PERFECT SIZE. Earthly Toothpaste comes in small tablets – perfectly sized to give you the pea-sized amount that toothpaste companies have been advocating (but not enforcing) for generations. Plus, you use it all – nothing on the sink, no waste.
  • IT’S GOOD FOR YOU. Unlike regular toothpaste that contains harmful colourants and ingredients, Earthly Toothpaste Tablets are good for you and good for the environment.