Toothbrushing: Can it be Unhygienic?

We all know the science of brushing our teeth – brush with a good toothpaste to get rid of the germs hiding behind our teeth, prevent cavities and click “undo” on bad breath.

But what if we told you that traditional “tube toothpaste” could be creating a whole lot of problems you don’t even want to start thinking about?

Think about it…

  • Have you ever wondered how germs spread from that one tube of toothpaste you share with your bae, your little human and everyone else under your roof?
  • Have you spent time pondering what gets trapped in the gooey paste that often spurts down the side of the tube that you touch again and again?
  • Or, what about that bit that settles and hardens in the opening when the cap is left off… and then you end up spreading it over your brush and putting in your mouth?
  • How about that foamy water that A) you’ve been told is bad for you and shouldn’t be swallowed and B) the fact that it’s then washed into our oceans?
  • Toothpaste “slime” can settle in your pipes and cause dangerous mold and algae to grow around your sink.

Sure, these aren’t really questions we WANT to think about, but they are things we SHOULD think about. Because it’s time to change the way we brush our teeth! Moving with the times means you can stop thinking about the grimy details of old-fashioned toothpaste in a tube, and brush without the risk of immersing yourself in a germ haven. It means reconsidering what we’ve always known to be the “right way” and open ourselves up to new possibilities like Earthly Toothpaste Tablets.

  • Our toothpaste tablets come sealed in a glass bottle, which dispenses a pill at a time – so no more toothpaste sharing dilemmas!
  • Even when you leave the top off, because the tablets aren’t liquid, there’s no paste for the germs to settle in.
  • And let’s say the bottle DOES get a bit manky – no stress, because it’s easy to remove the tablets and give it a quick rinse!
  • Without paste oozing out and sticking to the side of the tube, there is nowhere for germs to hide on the container.
  • Because you use less toothpaste, there’s less “toothpaste slime” trickling into your pipes – so, no more dangerous mould!

But remember – while Earthly Toothpaste solves the tube dilemma, you also need to take care of your toothbrush.

  • Wash that baby thoroughly and regularly
  • Leave it in a place where it can easily dry out
  • Store it away from others’ toothbrushes
  • Replace your toothbrush regularly
  • Consider switching to a bamboo toothbrush